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Welcome to the world of Sydney wedding video

The world of admiration, emotions, and excitement.

Wedding video turned into elegant art with us, we like to call it “cinema”. Designed to meet any budget from $1755.


We're a Sydney based wedding videographers
Our production specializes in wedding videography, artistic documentaries, and cinema experience. Our team approach is to conceptualize and design our wedding films after a meticulous study of our lead characters. “The Bride & The Groom.”. Our secret sauce, in a nutshell, is “less is more.” we hand picking our brides whom we will enjoy working with, that’s critical for us. Scroll to Our Philosophy section to find out more.


How are we deffrent
We believe that a wedding is a remarkable narration of the past and the gleaming light of the delightful future of him and her, The way we like to tell it is in a “cinema style filming” captured by not just a wedding videographer but by our experienced “Wedding Cinematographers. Our approach is to enjoy exploring the story as it unfolds, therefore we hand-pick our weddings and focus on quality, not quantity. Yes, we have limited booking due out the year but your story is possibly the unique film we really would like to capture. Scroll down to find out more about exciting services we offer.

Wedding Instagram Videos

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram instead makes it possible to share the wedding video with the friends, family, and followers without leaving anyone behind. Our post team specialises in cutting 1-minute highlights, therefore rest assured it will undoubtedly look gorgeous in that 1:1 aspect ratio.

Wedding Same Day Edit Videos

The word “experience” is indeed what you are going to get. Your cinematic wedding film is shot, edited and screened on the night during your reception dinner where you will watch it along with your friends and family. It’s a great way to ‘wow’ guests who were unable to attend the ceremony and preparation portion of the day. People are always in disbelief after seeing one of our same-day edits — they can’t believe how something so marvelous was to be formed in such a short time and how good our Sydney wedding video crew is at it.

Pre Wedding Videos

In our opinion, a pre-wedding shoot complements the Same Day Edit and wedding highlight, be it an interview, a glamorous, or a casual thematic shoot you’ll undoubtedly add much value to both the production of your film as well as the story. Our Sydney wedding video crew will plan with you and your photographer a location of the shoot where we go on an adventure and get to work and know each other together before the wedding day.

Wedding Live Streaming

This one would be a most when am getting married! Am sure my future wife and I would love for all the friends we close to, our teachers, classmates family relatives and people we worked with who are sprinkled around the globe and can’t make it to our wedding, am sure they would love to too. However let’s be honest, Australia is too far and way too expensive to travel to. Our Sydney wedding video team makes it possible to share your precious wedding moments live at incredibly affordable prices.

Drone Videography

We offer drone videography as an addon for your wedding video to add value to your film production. The purpose of the drone shot is to be establishing or ending a scene with a wow factor. These shots of the bridal party cars leaving to the church are surely gorgeous!

Wedding video edits

Our method of shooting a wedding is “shoot for the edit”. In short, we mostly focus on shooting what’s important and going to make it to the highlight edit. While we do offer a long version edit, we choose not to sacrifice the wedding highlight edit that everyone going to watch for the long not as exciting version.

Our Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce is not ketchup, it’s attention to detail in every wedding video, at Deja Vu Films we choose the freshest and highest tech equipment available to future proof your wedding video and stair it by our own certified talents. We prepare multi backups of your wedding video and secure it safely, then, we bake your wedding in-house by the best hollywood post software out there, to serve we add the final touches on top with a professional color grade. That’s just the desert so don’t be naive when other restaurants tell you they can do a full course for a cookie price.


Ladies & Gentleman, we’re so excited to bring you another wedding film; not just any, it’s our first-ever Russian film and oh my was it experience! Yulia & Sasha, thank you for being simply amazing.


We’re very excited to announce we’re back in 2020! I would love to present a couple of the wedding videos we shot earlier this year. This first of which we shot this century and like to share with you is the film of Ninorta & Ramsen.


Another weekend to hit the road and film a wedding, but not just any wedding! John was a good friend of our cinematographer Ammar, Janelle was a gorgeous bride with a vivid Lebanese smile and beautiful Assyrian personality.


It was on this day we all celebrated the beautiful wedding of Elly and Jarod, beneath the blue skies and beside the sea waves, there was their place, full of balloons and gift wraps everywhere.


We had a blast of fun filming this big wedding, the energy was great and also the Assyrian dance did not disappoint.


We love couples like these two, the couples that can warm everyone’s heart with their smiles and personality.


Welcome to the video post of our beautiful couple Natalie & Julian whom we had the pleasure of being a part of their special wedding day.


A lovely spring day in Sydney during the wedding season was a beautiful background to Hayat and Kareim love story.


Bustling downtown Sydney during the wedding season set a striking backdrop to tell Dina and Chris’s love story.

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