A lovely spring day in Sydney during the wedding season, it was a beautiful background to Hayat and Kareim love story. Our Sydney wedding video team was feeling fresh.

On the morning of the 1st of September, the crew arrived at Hayat and Kareim places, both places looked down at the beautiful landscape of Sydney. The bride house was beautifully decorated on the outside with the flowers, the work of Tender Thoughts Florist. Inside were the bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup by Nawal Ador and Tanya Nicolas.

In the next room was the gorgeous gown, the work of Brides of Sydney. Busy taking photos of the gown were the nice photographers from Splendid Wedding Photography. The Lebanese music in the background got us warmed up, we locked our cameras, load the cards and started shooting until the cars by Roll Up In Rolls rocked up to take us to church. 

The ceremony held at St Joseph’s church 2:00 PM, brother walking down his sister down the aisle was “incredible” Kareim said. Happy tears and Ululation, joy and claps we head down to the Grand Royal venue to continue along with the sounds of drums of Arabian collaboration. All the action is in the video above, happy viewing 🙂

Our Sydney Wedding Video Crew


  • Ammar Daniel | Carlos Haydo | Ramy Daniel

Editor + Colorist

  • Ramy Daniel | Claudia Haydo

Sydney Wedding Video
Sydney wedding video

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